We believe there are as many ways to enjoy coffee as there are people who drink it. Light roast or dark, black or cream with sugar, single origin or blend; coffee drinkers everywhere have come to love coffee in their own way. The team at 35N celebrates this, and seeks to create an environment that is as sophisticated as it is welcoming. We want to meet our customers where they are in their coffee journey, offering comfort and familiarity with curious and compelling offerings ever on the periphery.

We acknowledge that coffee is a global product with a complicated history. We own our responsibility to make change where we can and help ensure a future for coffee that is sustainable at all levels – environmentally, socially, economically. Read about our partnership with Finca El Amaton and our compostable retail bags to find out how we make this commitment a reality.

In all this, we pursue the exceptional. We will not settle for “good enough”. Complacency is the enemy of excellence. We will always look for new ways to improve our craft, our industry and our community.

Finally, a sincere Thank You for being our customer.

Without you, none of this is possible.

-Tom Patton, Head Roaster